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When choosing art for a facility does it need to have a theme?

When an art package is chosen to decorate a space it always needs a commonality to pull it together. Sometimes the theme can be as simplistic as closeup florals, butterflies, or birds colors or shapes.

If a space has long corridors a theme that tells a story can be effective .

Themes can convey the message the space wants to bring across.

They also create focal points and storytelling.

Travel, Elegant cities, botanical gardens, ocean blue , all open a space to engagement.

When you are seeking to create a homelike environment you may want each piece to be distinct and stand on its own but keep in mind that art is there to stimulate and engage.

It’s not for nothing that they say “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Let your pictures do the telling……And there’s no better way to do that then with a picture.

A fun twist on theme were these copper related photos that melded with the décor of a modern office building with a fresh and invigorating design scheme by CMR Design at 1815 Lakewood Road, a newly built collaborative office building, that clearly dictated the art vibe.

Elemental indeed.

The significance and versatility of copper……copper mined….awesome copper architectural images, vintage copper, copper smelting process and more…. all handsomely framed in a sleek black profile.

The end result. A work environment that is cutting edge, promoting productivity in a beautiful natural environment and added interest and stimulation to a long office corridor.


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